SEPTA is committed to reshaping its vision of a sustainable region. This website is our way of sharing our ongoing efforts to create a more environmentally responsible, socially equitable, and economically prosperous Greater Philadelphia with you, our stakeholders in a sustainable future.

In January, 2011 SEPTA launched its sustainability program with "SEP-TAINABLE: The Route to Regional Sustainability" -- its first five-year sustainability plan placing SEPTA's existing sustainability initiatives into a comprehensive, strategic framework for building a more sustainable SEPTA and a more sustainable region. Each following year, an Annual Report has been released each year documenting progress towards its goals and objectives. At the conclusion of SEPTA's original five-year plan in 2016, SEP-TAINABLE 2020 was developed and released as a new five-year plan in January, 2017.

In many ways, sustainability at SEPTA is no longer a program unto itself, but a principle upon which the organization has pursued a culture of continual improvement in management. Today, sustainability is the lens through which SEPTA views its impact on the region and holds itself accountable for ensuring an economically prosperous, socially responsible, and environmentally sustainable future.

SEPTA's Approach to Sustainability

Our approach to sustainability is "triple-bottom-line" - accounting for the natural environment, healthy communities and workforce, and economic vitality. SEPTA will use this three-pronged approach to drive sustainable decision-making through the organization and work to build a more sustainable region.

Natural Environment, Healthy Communities & Workforce, Economic Vitality

The Natural Environmental, Healthy Communities and Workforce, and Economic Vitality sections of the website contain information relating to SEPTA's triple-bottom-line approach to sustainability. More in-depth information about projects can be found on the Journal section of the website, and a list of newsworthy projects, project videos and action plans can be found on the Resources section of the website.

How it Fits Into Our Strategy for the Future

Strategic Business Plan for Fiscal Years 2015 through 2019
SEPTA's Strategic Business Plan established a vision to be the region's preferred choice for transportation, and to earn that choice through:

  • Connecting the region for integrated mobility
  • Sustaining our environment and preserving our system for future generations
  • Committing to continuous improvement and innovation
  • Providing safe, excellent service by a team of dedicated employees

The strategic plan also established a mission statement for how SEPTA plans to pursue this vision:

  • SEPTA is dedicated to delivering safe, reliable, sustainable, accessible, and customer-focused public transit services, contributing to the region's economic vitality, sustainability, and enhanced quality of life.

Triple-bottom-line (environmental-social-economic) values embedded in SEPTA's Sustainability Program now permeate the organization's vision and mission. Sustainability goals directly relate back to SEPTA's broader corporate strategy. Key principles, such as continuous improvement and innovation, are formalized in SEPTA's environmental and sustainability management system to emphasize the importance of data-driven decision-making and a structure for measuring progress toward a series of key performance indicators over time.

SEPTA is eager for input. Please e-mail us at sustainability@septa.org with your feedback. We look forward to hearing from you!

Sustainability Awards

Graphic Design USA American Inhouse Design Award: Annual Reports category (2020)
Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence (2016)
Women Transportation Seminars: Innovation Award (2014)
Energy Storage North America Innovation Award (2014)
BUS Ride "Green Award" (2012)
Graphic Design USA "American Graphic Design Award (2011-2012)
Greater Valley Forge TMA "Platinum" Recognition Level for Sustainability (2012)
American Public Transportation Association "Gold" Recognition Level for Sustainability (2012)
American Public Transportation Association "Outstanding Public Transportation System Achievement Award" (2012)
Environmental Protection Agency "Energy Star" Award for SEPTA Headquarters (2010)
Government Finance Officers Association "Distinguished Budget Presentation Award" (2005-to-Present)
PenJerDel "Green Vision Award" (2009)
Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission "Transportation Program of the Year Award" for "Go Green, Go SEPTA Awareness Campaign" (2009)